An acronym for political action committee. It is a name commonly given to a private group organized to elect government officials or to promote legislation. Who is the U.S. Israel PAC? We were established in 1980 by a group of non-partisan, concerned and dedicated individuals who care greatly for the safety and continued welfare of the State of Israel and the Jewish people. We believe in a strong US/Israel relationship and work hard to ensure the bond between the United States and our ally Israel.

You must be a United States Citizen or have permanent residency status (green card). Corporate gifts are not permitted.

An individual can give up to $5,000 per calendar year or $10,000 per election cycle.

Our PAC focuses on Senate and Congressional races since the United States Congress decides foreign aid to Israel and other critical issues that affect the U.S. and Israel. We generally do not support any candidates for local, state or gubernatorial races, or for U.S. President. We give to incumbent Congressmen and Senators who have demonstrated their support for the US -Israel relationship. In those races where there are open seats, we will consider all pro-Israel candidates. We also will consider supporting strong pro-Israel challengers against incumbents who lack a strong pro-Israel voting record.

We are non-partisan in our approach. The only criterion is a candidate’s record as a pro-Israel Senator or Member of Congress. Our Executive Council (made up of all donors of $2500 or more) makes the decision on each allocation request. This will be approved by a majority response, from the General Membership. We will consider support for both US Florida Senators, the entire South Florida Congressional delegation, and incumbent House and Senate members nationwide from either party, who have a strong pro-Israel voting record.

We are a non-partisan PAC with support for the US - Israel relationship being our sole agenda item.

About Us

U.S. Israel PAC is a non partisan political action committee originated to provide financial support for members of the United States Congress, based solely on their continuing support for the United States - Israel relationship.

U.S. Israel PAC targets our local members, Leadership in both parties and for any vulnerable incumbents of either parties nationwide, who are at risk of losing their seats and have exemplified an outstanding record of support for the US-ISRAEL relationship.